It All Started in Cabo

It All Started in Cabo

In 2011, I was happily living it up in Los Angeles, residing in West Hollywood, and working freelance in events and styling.  I was getting a little weary of the ups and downs of working independently, so I stopped in my tracks when I was offered a full-time position in LOS CABOS, MEXICO!

I took a short weekend to decide, and within the month I was LIVING IN LOS CABOS.

My love affair with Mexico was born, and it has flourished ever since.

I thought sharing the story of one of my favorite memories, my 33rd birthday on the beach in San Jose del Cabo would be the perfect Mexico kick off.

It was so fun to plan!!  I knew I wanted it to be casual and on the beach, and that I wanted a taco cart.  But how was I going to get it down to the beach?

Well, as they say, ask and you shall receive.  I went to downtown San Jose with my Mexican friend Queta, who was there only as my backup translator.  My Spanish at that time was mere Spanglish, but I was super determined to do my own negotiations.

San Jose del Cabo is quite small, and there aren’t a lot of food trucks and carts. I approached the  hot dog truck I had in mind, and left with a sweet deal.  The hot dog truck guy agreed to bring his cart onto the sand, and make bacon wrapped hot dogs and quesadillas for all my guests.  He even met me for a quick walk through of the space!! Sometimes new vendors can be questionable, but this guy was amazing, even though events weren’t his forte.

I had chosen an oceanfront spot in the sand with palapas (beach umbrellas made of palms) and lounge seating, and I felt like I didn’t need much else, besides beverages (obviously), and the guests!  I invited everyone from my office, friends- Mexican and American, my mom, our pets, even the sweet owner of my favorite wine shop, and wanted everyone to come casual and relaxed and just enjoy the beauty that is Cabo.  My friend Tomas was going to take photos of my party as my birthday gift, I couldn’t wish for anything more.

I had no idea how many surprises were in store!!



Turns out, the spot I selected for my modest birthday party, was right in between the sites of two weddings, both with fun vibes, one that would go over the top with the lighting, music and a finale with fireworks and Chinese lanterns floating into the sky. My adorable mother baked a theme-worthy cake that looked like a sandcastle, complete with sea glass at the bottom made of crushed lollipops and ice cream cone towers.  Before birthday cake and the bonfire (my absolute favorite thing), performers arrived!  My friend Andrea recruited some fire throwers and drummers from Mexico City when we were at dinner the night before.  All ended with barefoot dancing, tequila shots and a cool chemistry between all the different people I had invited.

Definitely one of my favorite birthdays to date!!!!!  Obsessed.  This was just one of the beautiful times I can credit to Mexico.  Stay tuned for more.  I hope you enjoy and read again soon. Besitos y gracias!!  (kisses and thank you!)
















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