As described by The Urban Dictionary, a Güera is “Mexican-Spanish slang for a white girl or a light-haired girl.” As a blonde American living in Mexico City, loved ones,
market vendors, really almost every- one calls me “la wera,” so much so that it eventually became my unofficial nickname, and naturally, the name of my blog and brand.

O ne lovely evening not so long ago, I fell in love with an amazing Mexican man, and in the following months, I took the leap and moved from Miami to be with him in Mexico City.

While my love affair with the Latino culture has existed for years, settling into my new life in Mexico has pushed it to an entirely new level. Becoming fluent in Spanish fairly quickly helped me assimilate faster and I never stop exploring.

I spend hours in the local markets, delighting in each exotic fruit and flower, hand-made object and lovely artisan I come across. The soulful, proud and warm Mexican culture never ceases to amaze me, and I find myself buzzing from the energy that radiates from the clash between the fiercely innovative and traditional cultural elements that embody everyday life in Mexico City.

While I cherish my time at home, cooking, entertaining, curating and cultivating, travel is another huge part of my life, as I am often off to new places, throughout Mexico and beyond. I feel blessed to constantly see new things, meet inspiring, accomplished people and just to be learning more every single day.

I work in events, and now that I do this in Mexico, I am constantly thrilled at the incredible resources I can incorporate into a profession I love so very much. To share my life: the balance between work, home and travel, and the passion I have for each one is something I had been dying to do. So, out of all this love, Güera the blog was born!


Sending tons of love from Mexico! BESITOS (kisses)